Red Rock Canyon Open Space 2023 Project Improvements

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Portions of the Roundup Trail, Red Rock Canyon Trail, and Red Rock Canyon Rim Trail will be closed beginning February 22nd.  This closure is expected to last several weeks, depending on weather. During this time, heavy equipment will be in use. For public safety, entry into the work zone or use of the trail sections described is prohibited. See closure map for more details.

Closure details:

  • Red Rock Canyon Trail: Between Quarry Pass Trail and Red Rock Rim Trail
  • Roundup Trail: Between Mesa Trail and Red Rock Rim Trail
  • Red Rock Rim Trail: Between Landfill Road Trail and Red Rock Canyon Trail

This closure will affect East-West connectivity within the Open Space.
Plan on alternate routes.



Red Rock Canyon Overall Project Map

Red Rock Canyon Overall Project Map

In compliance with the 2013 Red Rock Canyon Open Space Master planA plan for the development of a portion of the city that contains proposed land uses, a generalized transportation system, and the relationship of the area included in the plan to surrounding property., and with funding from the Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) sales tax program, the city’s Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department will be working in Red Rock Canyon Open Space to address sustainability issues on several popular trails. This work is being done to address damage to existing trail, re-route unsustainable trail which cannot be improved within existing trail corridor, and improve safety and user experience while maintaining the overall character of the trails.

Many popular and heavily utilized trail features have been identified, and park staff have worked to preserve these features where it is possible while creating sustainable trails. Some features may not be preserved due to the unsustainable nature of the trail they are located on. In these cases, other features and recreational opportunities have been identified and incorporated to maintain the existing character of the trail.


TOPS Working Committee Presentation


At this time we anticipate limited closures and impacts to the public. Closures will be rolling, limiting the scope of closures at any given time.


Projects will include:

Area 1 - Sand Canyon Trail

Re-routing the Westernmost portion near Bevers Pl to avoid unsustainable grade which are causing erosion and safety issues.

Area 2 - Chamberlain Trail

Conversion of old roadbed to trail and re-aligning the trail to move it out of valley floor, avoiding stormwater and erosion issues. In addition to a more sustainable trail, these improvements will improve overall user experience. Improvements will be made to the intersection of Codell and Hogback Valley Chamberlain Trails, improving safety and wayfinding, and add variety to both trails to enhance user experience.

Area 3 - Overlook Trail

The trail will be removed from the historic landfill to address environmental and safety issues in compliance with state requirements. The trail will be re-routed to the South, exploring scenery which lives up to the trail’s name.

Area 4 - Palmer Trail, Parallel Trail, Waterfall Trail and Intemann Trail

Palmer Redrock Loop & Parallel Trail: Improvements will be made to address drainage issues. Several deeply incised or otherwise unsustainable segments will be re-aligned to create resilient, sustainable trails. Trail elements including technical features will be included in newly aligned trail sections to enhance the user experience and maintain the existing character of the trail.

Waterfall & Intemann Trails: Waterfall trail will be re-aligned to be more sustainable, maintaining existing connectivity as well as access to intermittent waterfall. Adjustments to the Intemann Trail will be made in the immediate vicinity to accommodate this new alignment.

Area 5 - Roundup Trail/ Red Rock Canyon Trail

Reclamation of an incompatible land disturbance created prior to the open space acquisition to reestablish the open space values and aesthetic quality. The area will be regraded for a more naturalized form and function with drainage and trail realignments. Trail will be improved to enhance user experience and user safety, mitigate stormwater runoff and erosion, and create more sustainability and resiliency. 

Background: Before becoming a city Open Space, this landscape was heavily modified: Ponds, dams, berms and canals were all constructed in this valley. In 2015 heavy rains caused a dam in Sand Canyon to fail, and threatened another dam here. Extensive damage from flooding forced the closure of the open space for several months. The pond was filled in to prevent the collection and storage of water, to prevent future flood damage, and for public safety.

Purpose: The city’s Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department is now working to restore this site to a more naturalized state by re-establishing natural terrain features and native plant life. Improvements will be made to trails in the immediate area to create more sustainable trails, and a more consistent trail experience.

Area 6 - Mesa Trail

Realignment of the Northernmost segment to create sustainable grade, improve water flow to mitigate erosion issues, and improve user experience- including access to the off-leash dog park and downhill free ride area.

Project Contacts

David Deitemeyer, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services

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