Airport Services

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With easy check-in, simple parking, and a short drive home, the goal of the Colorado Springs Airport is to provide the public with the best travel experience possible. Click on one of the following services for more information.

ATM Services

Two ATMs are in the airport facility at the following locations:

1st floor (baggage claim level): An ATM is located to the right of the main escalators and directly across from the elevators.

2nd floor (main level): An ATM is located on the concourse between gates 3 and 5.

For more information, visit our Maps and Directions page.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

These life-saving devices are placed in high-traffic areas at the airport.

Many airport employees are trained to use AEDs and are available to assist in an emergency.

For more information, visit our Maps and Directions page.

Baggage Carts

Baggage carts are found in several locations at the Colorado Springs Airport:

  • Baggage claim area
  • Shuttle bus terminal drop-off

*Cart rental is $6.00 with a 25-cent refund upon return of the cart to a storage rack.


The Interfaith Chapel at the Colorado Springs Airport is open 24 hours a day for quiet meditation.

The Interfaith Chapel is located in the main terminal building. Follow the east corridor between the gift store and men's restroom.

USB/AC Charging Ports

Recharge laptops, smart phones and other electronic mobile devices at the airport. Charging ports are located between concourse seating. Additionally, mobile charging stations are located throughout the concourse.

Family Care Rooms

Two family care rooms are located on the main concourse between Gates 4 and 6 and between Gates 8 and 10.

Family care rooms provide:

  • Baby changing stations
  • Counter space and sink
  • Diaper vending machine

FedEx Drop Box

FedEx has a drop box outside of the Colorado Springs Airport's lower level terminal building entrance.

Pick up is at 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday. There is no FedEx pick up on the weekends.

Ground Transportation Information

A variety of ground transportation companies service the Colorado Springs Airport 24 hours a day.

A ground transportation telephone is centrally located in the baggage claim area next to Carousel 3. Phones will instantly connect to all types of ground transportation services

During the day, taxis and shuttles are available outside the terminal on the 1st floor.

For more information, visit our Ground Transportation page.

Hotel Service Desks

The BROADMOOR Hotel counter is located in the baggage claim area on the lower level.

For more information, call the BROADMOOR at (719) 577-5769.

Lactation Room

COS offers a comfortable, private space for mothers to nurse their child(ren) or pump. 

The Lactation Room is located on concourse (post-security) across from Gate 5. The room provides:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Power outlets
  • Sink
  • Changing table

Lost & Found

For items left on the aircraft:

  • Contact your respective airline. For contact information, visit our Airlines page.

For items left in Security Screening:

  • Contact TSA Lost and Found at (719) 591-3108 or (719) 622-5979.

For items left in the airport terminal, parking lot, or shuttle buses:

  • Contact the CSPD Airport Police Unit.
    • Call (719) 550-1987
    • The Airport Police office is located in baggage claim area on lower level, by carousels 1 and 2.
    • Travelers may pick up items left behind. If they have left the area, travelers may arrange for shipping at their expense.
    •  Items turned into the Lost and Found are kept in the Airport Police office for the month in which it was turned in.
      • After the current month, contact the CSPD Evidence Section at (719) 444-7744 to claim items.


Newspaper racks are located on the public site of the Airport, on the second floor by NOVO Coffee and Springs Marketplace.



For paging, pick up any of the 12 white courtesy phones located throughout the Colorado Springs Airport.

Phones are directly connected to the Airport Communications Center and a dispatcher is available to page via the airport's public announcement system.

To request a page from outside of the airport, please call (719) 550-1918 or (719) 550-1919.


Huntleigh Corporation manages Skycaps at the Colorado Springs Airport.

Skycaps are available from 4:30 a.m. to midnight. Skycaps will assist with luggage and provide wheelchair assistance.

Visitor Information Center

The Information Center is located in baggage claim at the lower level, across from the escalators.

The Information Center is staffed with friendly airport ambassadors that provide a wealth of in-depth information about flight schedules, the airport, and Colorado Springs. Travelers may pick up free maps and literature about Colorado Springs, local attractions, and more at the Information Center.

Pet Relief Area

The Pet Relief Area is located near Gate 8 on the concourse. 

The Pet Relief Area serves as an asset to our furry travel companions. If you're traveling with your animal, you can utilize the room to allow your four-legged pal to relieve themselves. The room comes equipped with a small grass area, sink, paper towels, and disposable bags.