Parking Standards

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The City of Colorado Springs regulates minimum parking requirements through its City Zoning Code, the parking regulations can be found under Chapter 7, Article 4, Part 2: Off Street Parking Standards.

Off Street Parking Requirements

Off street parking is required for newly constructed buildings, new uses on previously vacant land and for all uses in a building which are enlarged, and for all uses in a building when any use is changed and the newly approved use requires more parking than the previously approved use. (Properties located within the parking exempt districts, see below, are exempted from the provision of the minimum number of off street parking spaces for specific land uses as referenced by this part. Alternative off street parking requirements may be established as a part of an FBZ regulating plan).

Whenever parking is required under the provisions of the City Code (Section 7.4.2) or existing parking is changed or redesigned, the off street parking shall be shown on the site or development plan submitted in conjunction with the application for a building permit (a parking plan is not required for interior remodels involving a change of use where the newly approved use requires equal or less parking than the previously approved use).

Off street parking spaces shall be permanently maintained with the use to which they relate so long as such use remains.

Parking Exempt Districts

The City has two established parking exempt districts in which there is no additional off-street parking required, see City Code Section 7.4.206. There is also one planned provisional overlay area along West Colorado Avenue which parking standards have been varied in order to allow some relief to businesses located within that specified C-5/P zone district.

Central Business District

Bounded on the north by Bijou Street, the east by the alley between Weber Street and Wahsatch Avenue, the south by Cucharras Street and the west by the railroad right of way.

Old Colorado City District

The area bounded on the north by the south line of West Pikes Peak Avenue, on the south by the north line of West Cucharras Street, on the east by the west line of South 24th Street and on the west by the east line of 26th Street.

The planned provisional overlay zone (C-5/P Zone) is located along a section of West Colorado Avenue where parking standards have been varied; see City Code Section 7.3.507.C for entire set of standards. The pr allows for the following provisions for all properties zoned C-5/P on Colorado Avenue between 7th and 23rd Streets.

  1. Minimum Parking Spaces Required:
    1. Single-family dwelling units: No requirement.
    2.  Multi-family dwelling units: One space per unit.
    3. Office: One space per eight hundred (800) square feet.
    4.  Retail: One space per six hundred (600) square feet.
    5. Restaurants: One space per two hundred (200) square feet. f. Other uses: Maximum of twenty percent (20%) reduction.
  2. Off Site Parking: In fulfilling the amended parking requirements in the C-5/P zone, parking spaces may be provided off site within five hundred feet (500') on Colorado Avenue. A guaranteed access easement will be required as evidence of secured off site parking.

Accessible Parking Standards

Handicapped parking spaces are required to be provided for all uses other than single-family and two-family residential developments at a specific ratio. To find the ratio, consult Section 7.4.204.B of the City Code. For specific standards and information.

The minimum width of an accessible parking space must be eight feet with an adjacent accessible aisle with a minimum width of five feet. Two accessible spaces may share a common aisle.

Design Standards

Dimensional requirements for parking spaces can be found in Section 7.4.205 of the City Code. The width of a parking space must be at least nine feet; the depth is a function of parking angle. If the parking space is for a compact car, the width can be reduced to eight feet. No more than 40% of the required off street parking can be compact.

Required parking is calculated by individual use. For example:

  • General Office (1 space / 400 sq. ft. of gross floor area)
  • Medical Office (1 space / 200 sq. ft. of gross floor area)
  • General Retail (1 space / 300 sq. ft. of gross floor area)

See Section 7.4.203 for a complete list of uses and associated parking requirements.

Additional Information:

Parking information is contained within Chapter 7, Article 4, Section 203 of the City Code.