2045 Regional Transit & Specialized Transportation Plans


About the Plans

The 2045 Transit and Specialized Transportation Plans are complete. These plans serve as the framework for the ongoing development and coordination of both transit services and human services (specialized) transportation for the Pikes Peak region. The plans are dynamic and updated every five years. Mountain Metropolitan Transit (MMT) led the development of the transit plan. The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPACG) led the update to the specialized transportation coordination plan. The final 2045 Transit and Specialized Transportation plans were reviewed and accepted by the PPACG Board of Directors in January 2020. These plans have been incorporated into the region’s 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) for implementation.

Transit Plan

View the Transit Plan - Final

The transit plan provides guidance for MMT when considering changes in service, frequencies, new projects, and growth of the system.

Specialized Plan

View the Specialized Plan - Final

The specialized plan sets out the evolution of coordination among multiple transit and transportation providers for seniors and individuals with disabilities. This planning process is required by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for those agencies receiving certain federal funds. 

Previous Plans

Previous updates to both plans were last completed in 2015. Much of the recommendations of the previous plans have been advanced. Review the 2040 Regional Transit and Specialized Transportation Plans here.

Stakeholder Advisory Group

The project team created an Advisory Committee. Invited members of the Advisory Committee include a representative range of community leaders, local governments, mobility advocacy groups, and other critical transit and specialized transportation stakeholders.

  • Notes from the 1st Stakeholder Advisory Meeting: Aug.12, 2019
  • Notes from the 2nd Stakeholder Advisory Meeting: Sept. 25, 2019
  • Notes from the 3rd (final) Stakeholder Advisory Meeting: Oct. 23, 2019

Public Open Houses & Events

The project team participated in PPACG’s public open house to discuss the Regional Transportation Plan. Our team also solicited feedback on the project themes and strategies for potential transit and specialized transportation coordination. Members of the public were invited to attend and provide feedback. Events included

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 from 4 – 6 p.m.
14 S. Chestnut St

Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Saturday, October 19, 2019 from noon – 2 p.m.
Sand Creek Library, 1821 S. Academy Blvd.

Colorado Springs, CO 80916

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Pop-up Engagement Events

If you were not able to attend either open house, you may view the materials presented here

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For more information on the 2045 Transit and Specialized Transportation Plans, please contact the project manager.


Two questionnaires were distributed to the public to help us prioritize draft themes and recommendations to guide the development of the Transit Services and the Specialized Transportation Plans. Questionnaire #1 about themes was completed in October 2019. Questionnaire #2 about recommendations was completed in November 2019.

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